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Some of Robert’s fondest memories growing up were working with his dad, Martin. Martin worked as a painter, and at first, he would give Robert small tasks like carrying a bucket of paint or sanding a rough patch on the wall.

When Robert was a little older, he would accompany his dad when he visited clients to give estimates. Martin taught Robert the value of working closely with clients and outlining a plan for the job before any painting was even started.

Martin’s work ethic and careful planning paid off, as Robert remembers that clients were always happy with the result and Martin enjoyed word-of-mouth business. Martin was the neighborhood’s go-to painter.

Robert and his dependable team continue to implement Martin’s approach to painting: careful planning and efficient execution. This approach sets Robert apart since painting isn’t just about wetting a brush and slapping it on the wall.

Instead, Robert meets each client personally and works together to create a plan that expresses the client’s goals, whether it’s a complete makeover of an old house, a quick touch-up before a property is set for sell, or preparing an apartment for a new tenant.

Robert has been painting in the Bay Area since 2014 and with time became known for his professional services at reasonable rates. Just like his father, much of Robert’s business comes from strong praise from one client to another.


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